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OISE - Masters of Higher Education (M.A)


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Hey guys, 

So I am a fourth year at UofT. I am thinking of applying to OISE's Masters of Higher Education (M.A. Stream), for the 2017/2018 academic year. But am not sure if I will be accepted / chances of being accepted. 

I will be leaving University with a 3.3-3.4CGPA (my GPA wasn't great in my second year :/) and hopefully my GPA for the last two years will be roughly 3.75-3.80. 

My extracurriculars include, 

3 summers of E-mentoring first years for Woodsworth College 

1 year of First in the family mentoring 

1 year of on the hygiene education team at Toronto East General

3 years of working with UofT's accessibility service 


I am planning to use one professor who supervised my final year research project, and another professor whose class I did really well in. 

Could some of you give me advice and opinions on my chances of gaining acceptance? And maybe other activities that would strengthen my application?


Thanks so much ^.^

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