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For this question, would graduate school count as college, or is that separate? If it's separate, would I just fill out "0" if nobody else in my household is pursuing a college degree? The question is: 

How many people in your household will be in college in 2017-2018?

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I completed my FAFSA the last two years for grad school (MA English program) and used the "college" notation. No one has ever said there was a problem. The DOE knows I am in grad school because I no longer receive a Pell Grant and receive loans alone. That's my experience.

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I completed my FAFSA, linking to my tax return via their IRS Transfer tool. I will not be working during graduate school. Does the FAFSA take this into account or are they calculating the EFC based on the assumption that my adjusted gross income from 2016 will also be available to pay for tuition in 2017-2018? I feel my EFC is high and am concerned this may be why...?

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