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  1. Tomorrow is the last day of April... has anyone's status changed?
  2. I'll be turning HKS down for GSPP as well.
  3. Has anyone tried to negotiate / leverage other offers at GSPP? If so, can you share any info about the process and outcome? I’ve asked about the GSI, etc positions and it doesn’t sound feasible (for me) to have one of these positions for all 4 semesters... thanks!
  4. Any idea on the likelihood of negotiating funding at GSPP if none was offered to begin with? What if I have full tuition offers elsewhere to counter with?
  5. I was offered a tuition fellowship covering nearly all of the '18-'19 tuition...! To be reconsidered for the following year. A few programs seem to have admitted students' days the same weekend - anyone else in this predicament? (not complaining...! happy to have multiple acceptances)
  6. Accepted with 75% tuition!
  7. I was so overwhelmed and trying to be lowkey in my cubicle - I don't remember who it was that called! It was a man and I think he was from admissions. I applied for the HCED concentration.
  8. I got accepted to MIT DUSP this morning via phone call!! Thrilled! Info on funding should be in acceptance packet we'll receive via mail. Fingers crossed, everyone!
  9. Hey - just completed my video interview! I submitted my app on Jan 1 and received the video interview email from Kira on Jan 11. My questions were something like this: 1) How have you been preparing academically and professionally in applying for graduate school at Heinz? 2) Talk about a time you had to multi-task and how you handled it/what did you do, and 3) What is the most complex problem/challenge (?) you've ever had to tackle and how to did you approach it or bring a fresh perspective to solve it... Something along those lines! The practice questions were more fun: If you could be any animal, which would you choose and why? and Would you rather write, paint, or compose music and why? The system is pretty straight forward, though I wasn't able to play back my final recorded responses to the three "real" assessment questions. Hope this helps, and good luck!
  10. I completed my FAFSA, linking to my tax return via their IRS Transfer tool. I will not be working during graduate school. Does the FAFSA take this into account or are they calculating the EFC based on the assumption that my adjusted gross income from 2016 will also be available to pay for tuition in 2017-2018? I feel my EFC is high and am concerned this may be why...?
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