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Yet another 'Elite vs. Reg' thread


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Hey everyone, I've been accepted into two programs, MassArt's Film/Video and RISD's Digital + Media program. 

I've been swayed by the so-called elitism of RISD but also by the students' ways of doing and their approaches to dense subject matter in the digital world. MassArt just feels good because the departments brand of teaching is something that I resonate with due to it being very similar to one of my favorite professors in undergrad. 


MassArt will be roughly $15-20k cheaper per year than RISD, all things considered. 

Location and housing is a huge factor too because I have a small dog, and my partner and I will be moving in together. I want to make this transition easier for them as well. I don't know what having a dog in Boston is like vs. having all that green green nature near the RISD and Brown campuses.

We will be splitting the rent and I want it to be easy on my partner, and because of this Providence seems to more appealing due to it's low cost of living, but perhaps there is more money to be made in Boston.


What do y'all think?? I have to let RISD know by the end of the week if I'm in.

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If you lived in Providence, your partner could commute to Boston for work on public transit, if your concern is work. Is this a master's or PhD? How do you feel about taking on the additional cost that RISD requires? Which school has a better placement record for their students, particularly students seeking the same career path as you?

(Sorry if this is too late to be helpful! Let us know what you decide.)

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Also, when you say "all things considered" on cost, does that include housing?  That's just surprising that it would be so much more expensive when you factor in cost of living differences between Boston and Providence.

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