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How to judge if the POI has put me on the waitinglist or not?



I contacted the POI and had an interview with him at the end of February. He said he would tell me the results within ten days at the end of the interview. But I have not got the results from him till now (end of March). He replied to my inquiries about the decision, saying that he is waiting the funding and he thought there will be an opening position but he is still waiting to confirm it (before April 15th). Does he just put me on the waitinglist but does not tell me the fact directly? And I also noticed that he was awarded a funding recently.

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It means exactly what he said. I don't know what you think he will gain from not telling you the truth. He could tell you he doesn't have an update yet or just ignore your email, but since you got a reply and an update, take it as it is. He think he'll have funding but he's not sure yet. He can't make you any promises until he has the funding. You don't know that the funding you saw is the one he's counting on for you, so I'd stop it with the conspiracy theories. You could reply to say thank you and does he have an idea of when he'll have more information. Otherwise, unfortunately you'll just have to wait. 

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