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In case you haven't seen this on your own or through Chris Blattman's blog post last week, Seeing Theory is a really neat learning resource for introductory statistical concepts.

The site attempts to make statistical concepts more accessible through creating a visual learning format, allowing users to interact with visualization tools to get a better understanding.   

For some of the stats- and quant-averse folks in the IR/PP crowd, this could be super helpful. I know that in my own experience, getting a firm grasp of the geometric intuition underlying mathematical and statistical principles has been immensely beneficial in getting to the 'Aha!' moment where something really clicks. 

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Relatedly, I have had a good experience with Datacamp's R courses. If you are preparing for a program that includes statistical programming (Stata is the most common, I believe), I think their introduction and intermediate R courses would be a good way to start to wrap your mind around programming (and R seems to be a more common job requirement than Stata for non-academia positions.)

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