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Touro College Interview

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Has anyone ever interviewed at Touro that could give some insight into the interview process? I just got called for an interview tonight (after 7 PM - is it just me or is that really late/weird? ?) so I'm excited! Any info on the program would be helpful too. Thanks! 

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22 minutes ago, Snl1279 said:

Have you done the interview at Touro College yet? If so, do you have any information on it?

Yep. I had it already. KNOW YOUR STUFF!!!! I interviewed with two ladies who were very nice. I was however, unprepared for their questions based on specific speech coursework from my undergrad. They asked questions like What should you look out for when recording/finding the MLU (from Language Acquisition classes)... And A BUNCH of other questions that I was absolutely stupefied about being that I had graduated a few years ago. They did ask what are some speech disorders and some language disorders. One of the ladies asked me why I got a bad grade in a course (B, which I didn't realize was "bad" - sheesh). It was definitely one of the most intense interviews I've had. They also ask questions about how you got interested in speech, and to tell them about yourself; and they also asked what your favorite course was (they're looking for specific MATERIAL in the speech coursework you were/are interested in). At the end, they did say that they ask everyone those types of questions and they understand that it's nerve-wracking and they take that into consideration. So again, they were a pleasure to talk to - but KNOW. YOUR. STUFF. 


OH! And before the interview, I had to write a one page essay on one of the topics they had. But my AW score on the GRE is below a 4.0 so that could def be the reason why I got that (I had to write an essay for another interview for that same reason). They give you about half an hour but they would probably give you a little more if you needed to. They didn't seem like they were rushing you to do it. But the prompts aren't too bad at all

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1 minute ago, Snl1279 said:

Thank you so much for the information!! I really appreciate it! Good luck to you and your SLP endevours!

Thank you! Same to you! And no problem at all. Feel free to message me if you happen to have any more questions. With ZERO info out there on Touro, I certainly had to do some digging lol so I understand the struggle ? 

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