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  1. Wow this is very helpful! Thank you so much. I will definitely accumulate some of the little things over time but for the most part I have majority of these items. The only thing thats annoying is having to upgrade my wardrobe 😫
  2. I will be starting my first semester as a graduate student in just a couple weeks. What supplies or helpful tools should I purchase before the semester begins?
  3. Is there a facebook group? Just wanted to meet the incoming class.
  4. I've done little to no research on whats involved when taking out loans. It's extremely overwhelming. Does anyone have advice and knowledge on what loans to take out?
  5. To accepted students, is there a facebook page for the incoming class (FALL 2019), or a group for introductions?
  6. I paid $500 already, the dp is $1000. So I owe $500 plus $150 for a background check
  7. My head is spinning, in the last two days I received waitlist status from my top two schools of choice and was accepted at my third choice. I’ve already made a partial deposit for my 3rd choice to reserve my seat. Now the deadlines are approaching for the remaining deposit that I owe, fees, registration.... With so little time (two weeks), I don't know if i’ll hear back from the other two waitlisted programs. Is it wise to decline my seat at the accepted school and risk the deposit money that i’ve paid so far and that I have to pay again soon... which is non refundable and the chance that I ma
  8. Who will be attending Yeshiva University's program this Fall? How do you plan on commuting? I am coming in from Brooklyn, just curious.
  9. They are a fairly new program, I think this Fall will be their second cohort, the seats are very limited. I was told theres only 22 spots open for Fall admission. So far I've seen multiple people receive acceptance. They told me Mid April I'd hear back and I still haven't.
  10. For New York City programs, who will be declining their acceptance at which schools?
  11. What are some suggestions? Do I follow up with anyone, I don't want to be redundant and harass? I have to make a deposit at another school and register for the Fall term but I want to attend the school I'm wait listed for!
  12. A friend of mine is visiting her old college which I have applied to for their speech graduate program. She suggested I accompany her to the campus. Friends of mine believe that showing up at the communications department would improve my chances of acceptance into the program. I believe this stunt can go in two different directions. I fear that it may do more harm than good to show up unannounced. I also believe putting a face to my name reiterates my interest in the program and will help the committee recall my interview clearer. What are some opinions on visiting the department without invi
  13. Not a typical interview. They will either ask you to answer questions that you prepared for or they could ask you questions on certain speech related topics
  14. Has anyone recieved an acceptance at Touro and on what date ?
  15. I just called and they said some applications are still under final review, to expect a decision mid March. Although it is technically mid March.
  16. hey, when was your interview and how soon did it take for them to contact you with the decision?
  17. Did you just sign in to your application? Where would you find a response?
  18. Do they even conduct interviews? Everyone keeps saying decisions, based on simply applying?
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