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Mphil offer at Cambridge but NO funding- is it worth the debt?


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Hi folks,

I was admitted to the Mphil in Multidisciplinary Gender Studies at Cambridge but with ZERO funding (agh!!). I really want to go, but I don't want to put myself into debt for something that isn't "worth it". So I have a few questions for advice:

- Does anyone have any advice on securing funding in alternative/creative routes other than just scholarship searches? 

- Does an Mphil line up with the goals of a PhD/JD degree? 

- Does anyone know how to tell how prestigious the program is? I'm having a hard time seeing where it's graduates are getting jobs.

I'm considering the JD/PhD split because I really want to do Critical Legal Studies (most of whom are law professors) but i'm afraid of fucking myself over through accruing a ton of debt. I want to do a PhD but don't feel QUITE ready with my undergrad experience and would really like to have one big project (aka the dissertation) under my belt to set me up for a PhD. Also, I think I have a much higher chance of securing full funding once I have the Mphil.

If anyone has any random advice around this I would really appreciate it! I'm super super conflicted over whether the Mphil is "worth it" or if I should wait and apply straight to fully-funded PhD/JD programs. I don't feel ready for that and would probably take time off, but love school so much and want to keep advancing myself in my academic goals.

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Congrats on the offer! 

I self-funded my Cambridge social sciences MPhil entirely through US Federal student loans. I'll be paying for it each month for the next 25 years and I seriously don't mind at all!

The experience and the education were, for me, entirely worth it. Plus, amazing professional and personal things have consistently happened as a result of my time there.

Several people in my program and in my college went on to JD programs in the US, and loads of us went on to PhDs so no worries there. 

Feel free to reply or message me with any questions


Good luck!

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Csariego, why do you say you have received zero funding? Funding decisions are not all out yet, in fact none of the MPhil ones have been announced by the Trust yet. Have you not ticked the box on the application saying you wish to be considered for the Trust's graduate funding competition?

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