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Nursing applicant with different academic background

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I am planning to apply for a Direct Entry Master of Science at MGH institute. However, my academic background is not related to science. I have a bachelor degree in economics and master in general management. 

I am bilingual. In the last 7 years, I was taking care of my  parents (82 and 78) who had some bad chronic diseases.Also, I was involved in a lot of community activities that focus on elderly and promote sensibilisation of issues such as : Dementia, Depression, heart issues, diabetes, arthritis, etc..This changed my perspective of life and career. Actually I work for a bank , but I see  myself more taking  care of  People who really need help than spending time figuring out numbers and doing projections.

Can someone please help me out with these questions:

1/ What are my chances for me to be accepted at MGH institute?
2/ Are there any masters in nursing in other schools that may consider persons like me who have different academic backgrounds but would love to change career to a fuel where I can make real difference in the society.
3/ what should I do to make my application more competitive and sellable?

4/ are there any nursing graduate student who have the same academic background ? And can you please share your experiences?

Thank you so much for your Help!

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I was pre-med for the 1st half of my 1st undergrad and while I was exploring options for relaunching my career, I did look into direct-entry MSN programs to become a Pediatric Neurology N.P. before deciding on SLP. What I found was that I had to re-take all the science pre-reqs because they were more than 7 years old. I asked about using the GRE subject tests (which I could self-study for) to validate the old coursework and was told no, I had to re-take the courses for credit.

It's a long and difficult road just to become eligible to apply for direct-entry MSN programs if you don't have recent science courses on your transcript.

That said, if you are interested in working with the elderly, SLP also offers opportunities with that population. Medical focused SLP actually pays better than working with kids in a school setting.

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