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Indiana University - Bloomington (Fall 2017)


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No one seems to have started a thread for this year's IU folks yet, so let me be the one!

I'll be starting my PhD in French/Francophone Studies this fall. I haven't actually visited the IU campus and have never even been to the midwest before. I've been living in California since I was ten and did both my undergrad and my master's less than two hours from home. Before that, I lived in Hawaii. Needless to say, the whole concept of having seasons is a bit foreign to me...

Anyway, any other IU-bound people here? Which programs are you in, where are you guys from, and where are you guys planning to live in Bloomington?

What makes you the most excited, and what makes you the most nervous about starting?

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Hey, I'll be going there for Statistics in the fall. Currently working in San Francisco, but I'm originally from the Boston area and I did my undergrad in New York.

My main concern right now is housing. I was looking at the on-campus apartment options and they seem alright for the price (of course I have a very different sense of how much rent costs though).

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PhD in Statistics starting this fall at IUB.  I went there for part of my undergrad.  I currently live 2 hours away from B-town but my wife, 3 kids, and I are moving up there on July 23rd.  We leased a townhome at Woodbridge over by the college mall side of campus.

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