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UBC vs. Texas A&M vs. UC, Irvine for Chemistry


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Hey, so I've been admitted to UBC, Texas A&M and UC, Irvine for their grad programs in chemistry. I'm more than confused with where to go. By ranking UBC is higher but only by a bit. All the schools have professors that I'm interested in and have been corresponding. 

The other major difference is the stipend, UBC offers $21000+one time 2000. A&M 24000, UCI 29500. 

Which school is the best place all around? When it comes to living and work. 

P. S. I'm an international student so US or Canada will be a new experience to me. 

And I'm mostly interested in inorganic chemistry 

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I think for immigration purpose(if want to immigrate after grauduation) canada i guess is a bit better option since right after graduation you get the work permit automatically and its a hell lot easier to transfer that to a pr and citizenship. H1b visa now a days kinda depends on luck since its a lottery system and u might or might not get it right after graduation. 


I go to UBC so i might be a bit biassed.

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I went to A&M for undergrad so I'm biased.

College Station is a nice place to be. The cost of living is reasonable, people are friendly and the campus is extremely safe.

However, UCI is great for international students from Asia because there are plenty of nonstop flights from Asia to LAX.  Irvine is pretty safe, too. The cost of living in Irvine is significantly higher, but the higher stipend may justify the difference, depending on your lifestyle. If you live with roommates, the rent can be quite manageable.

Financially, UBC is the toughest place to be. Vancouver is extremely expensive, and your stipend can hardly make the ends meet. However, UBC is nicer if you intend to immigrate to Canada.

Sorry I have no idea about chemistry major.

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