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Attention SLPs on waiver (in CA)

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Good news is that I got into graduate school. Bad news is my employer is upset that I will have to leave work a couple of weeks early because my school starts this summer before our school year ends.

My program is a summers only program for working SLPAs. I was planning on keeping my SLPA job during the academic school year (a requirement for my program is to work at least 20 hours per week during the school year). My employer pretty much said I wasn't going to be asked to return next year because they will not be able to accommodate me leaving a couple weeks early at the end of the year. :(

I know there are some people on here that work as SLPs on waiver. I was wondering which school districts are the best ones to work for on a waiver. Not just the ones that offer incentives and good pay (although I'll need it because I will have to move for the job), but I'm also interested in the districts that will support my position with proper training and supervision...I'm pretty confident with the therapy I give my students, but I will need training/support with IEPs and assessments. I am also hoping to stay in Southern CA...the closer to Orange County the better...I have a sick family member. Does anyone have information on Hesperia, Apple Valley, Victorville, etc.? I'm also hoping for a district that includes all grade levels, including high school...I'm just thinking about my future clinical sites and I would like to do some of my adult hours with the high school. TIA for any information you guys can send my way.



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Hey there,

As far as school districts that will employ you with a waiver, pretty much any of them that have positions to fill, which also means a good 50% or more of the districts on Southern CA.  I have heard good things about Hesperia school district as far as support and I do know they are in need.  I almost interviewed there last summer.  Have you heard of the website Edjoin?  PM me for more info if you want!

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