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MA or MEd with thesis

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Hey all, 

I am reaching out to get some advice. I have been offered an MEd (thesis-based) full-time with a ta/ra ship at Brock and a MA in Education from UOIT. I am wondering if there is a difference, as they are both thesis-based masters. I do not want to close the door to a Phd one day, so I am concerned as to do the MA or MEd. At the end of the day, is either more accredited than the other?


Thanks in advance for any help. I really appreciate it.

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I'm surprised to hear of this. When I was considering applying to MEd programs, all of the MEd programs were course-based only and all of the MA programs I was considering required a thesis. I think that as long as there is a thesis component, you should be able to apply to PhD programs as both degrees are essentially the same. The difference only appears to be in the name. Have you reached out to the department to find out if past students have went on to complete PhDs? They should be able to give you the answer you need. I'd honestly do this because programs can vary from one school to the next and it's best to get the information from a direct source. Congrats on your admits!! 

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