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I'm an international student and I will be applying to HCI programs for fall 2018. right now my biggest worry is affording the schools. The programs I'm looking at are:

Carleton- human computer interaction
depaul   - hci
Georgia Tech - human computer interaction: interactive computing
mich state    -   Media and information: hci
rit   -   human computer interaction
Umaryland-baltimore   -     Master of Science in Human-Centered Computing (HCC)
umich ann arbor    -    MSI
Uni of baltimore      -   Interaction Design & Information Architecture 
UT Austin   - (iSchool) msis
uwaterloo   -     Appl sci systems design engineering

My plan is to maximize fin aid and funding by applying early and hopefully get a scholarship and possibly an assistantship or on-campus job. However, I am curious on how realistic it is for me to be able to be able to receive full financial support or funding or close to it from the school itself. I know I haven't included many stats but I am wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation and got fully funded so that I have hope.


GRE: to take GPA: 3.47 (upward trend in final two years 3.9) no research experience outside of class projects 

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