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[ this is for you if you take extensive notes ] -- any good solutions on finding/structuring/sorting notes?


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have you found some solution that works for you yet?

i use onenote, and other software

one problem is finding what you're looking for,

not able to able to find specific things within extensive extensive notes is a common problem

and where your notes are

onenote has very limited search as you know

many other problems, won't go into it...

if you take extensive notes, what solutions works for you?


the key problem is that the software isn't designed well

paper is highly limiting, and software solves a bunch of those ills

but the software has lots of constraints and limits as have been said on the Web

it would be good if ppl in the world could make something actually innovative though

i know it's a similar problem with todos -- https://www.reddit.com/r/productivity/comments/6ecusr/i_pretty_much_wasted_a_whole_day_trying_out/


[ this is for users that take extensive notes ] -- any good solutions on finding/structuring/sorting notes?

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This is an almost impossible post to read (as many of yours are). Please try to use correct punctuation, full sentences, etc. if you want people to read and respond. 

This reads like a stream of conciousness post, with no real coherent topic. 

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'impossible to read' (almost)

if this is verifiably true,

and presuming it's 'like a stream of conciousness'

* then why am i and other educated ppl able to comprehend content that are similar?

* & why do linguists and other relevant ppl say that there are semantics in such?

if this is verifiably true that is


for clarity, verifiably would be based on science & testing


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"no real coherent topic"

im very interested to hear your argumentation and evidence on this claim

please free feel to present it

please try to put them in bullet points from top to bottom for easier reading as they do in real life in the real world

* what school did you go to btw? im just curious is all


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People on this forum like to help, but your question is too broad (and weird) for us to respond usefully. Are you interested in good answers? If so, try something more like: "When I take notes in OneNote on scientific articles, I often have trouble finding key passages again. What program do you use? Can you suggest ways you make your notes more searchable?"

I have a bit of background in linguistics - of course "there are semantics" in your post. My understanding is, you can't write anything that both uses real words and "doesn't have" semantics. That doesn't mean it's comprehensible in this setting. A text message has different requirements to be understood than does a lab report, and this forum is closer to the latter end of the spectrum.

By the way, if you're curious, I studied poetry at Harvard. Your posts are not coherent as prose. One or two of your turns of phrase (decontextualized) are nice as modern poetry, actually, but have you ever read a newspaper? When trying to communicate content, rather than write poetry, aim for newspaper prose instead.

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