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is anyone here that's REALLY good at labelling/naming/classifying specific notes/documents in a memorable & effective way?

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i need someone with impeccable structuring skills


for w/e note/doc program you use,

if you found/created an effective way to search the software and locate/find MASSIVE amounts of notes ACROSS ALL TOPICS IN ACADEMIA AND LIFE to instantly find exactly what you need,

then you've solved a common problem many ppl have -- that nobody has solved yet


and should be president of the next newest & upcoming leading university in the entire universe


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Unusually way of asking the question (as others have pointed out), but to actually answer what I think you're asking:

I use RefWorks to organize my all academic reading and notes. I have a source for everything I I read (which I usually do by dragging the PDF of the article into it, or I have a "Save to Refworks" link in Chrome), and I take limited notes on the reading within the Notes section of the reference. For things that are really relevant, I'll mark up the PDF with highlighting, notes, etc. and save the annotated version there as well.

Each source is tagged with the subjects (for example, "arabic_syntax", "tunisian_arabic", "negation", etc.), and then I use the folders for projects. So I'll have a folder for the paper I'm working on now, and all the sources will be in that folder. (Sources can be in multiple folders.)

My actually papers and research data is on Google Drive. I write my papers in Google Docs, and I have the Cite with Refworks plugin, so I can just insert the citations and create the bibliographies directly from Refworks.

It's a really great system and I wish I'd come up with it years ago ....

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