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  1. Unusually way of asking the question (as others have pointed out), but to actually answer what I think you're asking: I use RefWorks to organize my all academic reading and notes. I have a source for everything I I read (which I usually do by dragging the PDF of the article into it, or I have a "Save to Refworks" link in Chrome), and I take limited notes on the reading within the Notes section of the reference. For things that are really relevant, I'll mark up the PDF with highlighting, notes, etc. and save the annotated version there as well. Each source is tagged with the subjects (for example, "arabic_syntax", "tunisian_arabic", "negation", etc.), and then I use the folders for projects. So I'll have a folder for the paper I'm working on now, and all the sources will be in that folder. (Sources can be in multiple folders.) My actually papers and research data is on Google Drive. I write my papers in Google Docs, and I have the Cite with Refworks plugin, so I can just insert the citations and create the bibliographies directly from Refworks. It's a really great system and I wish I'd come up with it years ago ....
  2. It definitely is for me. Georgetown is one of the few places where I can focus on Arabic linguistics (syntax of spoken Arabic, natch), while also keeping up with modern Arabic literature and my translation work. There's not a whole lot of places where you can do both ... I'm so excited. Although, coming from a well-paying, full-time job, I also have my share of reservations:
  3. Got an email from NYU Graduate Enrollment Services, referring me to check my status. That's a rejection. Which means, I can officially say, I'm going to Georgetown!!!
  4. Yeah, I really wish the programs were more transparent in their decision timing. Although I'm not too stressed out about it, since I already have one acceptance I would be very happy with (Georgetown), whatever happens with NYU. But I also can't start making definitive plans until I know if it's definitely going to be Georgetown or if I have a decision to make. I hope your wife hears back soon!
  5. Was your acceptance for the NYU MEIS Masters program or PhD? I noticed a "rejected" on the results page for the masters program, but I haven't heard anything about my PhD application yet ....
  6. I haven't heard anything yet, has anyone else?
  7. I got accepted to Georgetown and there was no interview or anything. I submitted my application and then radio silence until I got the email notifying me I was admitted. So not all schools do interviews.
  8. Just got an email from the department that I got in!
  9. I ride the bus with a professor in that department ( we both work in Providence, and live about a mile apart), and I ran into him today for the first time in a long time and asked him why I haven’t seen him on the bus lately, and he mentioned that he’s been working really late lately. Maybe that’s what he’s doing!
  10. Maybe I should've mentioned it in my SOP ... ;-)
  11. Well, I got an email, but it wasn’t the one I wanted. Rejected. :-( But, hey, it’s their loss. Not only am I a kick-ass scholar, but I bake. See this Rosemary Pecorino Star Bread? None for you, Yale.
  12. OMG, someone just posted on the survey that they got an acceptance email from Yale Linguistics yesterday! (And it wasn't me, sad face.) I haven't heard anything yet ... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaih! please send me an email please send me an email please send me an email ....
  13. I applied to the Linguistics department at Yale.
  14. "Fewer than 7" seems like a really weird way to say "6", but whatevs, it's their letter ... Sorry to all the Berkeley applicants who didn't make it.
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