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TC at Columbia General Psych or Adelphi mental health counseling


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Hey everyone! Long time scowler of these forums but first time poster! 

I'm looking for some opinions/insight concerning my decision for a graduate program starting in the fall. I attended Sacred Heart University for my undergrad and graduated Summa Cum Laude with my b.s. in psychology. After many applications and acceptances/denials I had finally made the decision to attended Adelphi University for their mental health counseling masters program. However, just two weeks ago I heard back from Teachers College at Columbia University and was accepted to the Psychology in Education (general psych) masters in the clinical department. So here lies my dilemma...I am so drawn to the name on the diploma when it comes to Columbia but I know that the program will not end in licensure. I would be open to attending a PhD program to become a licensed psychologist after Columbia but I would hope to gain acceptance to a fully funded program which I know is extremely difficult. My end goal is to become a practicioner whether that be as a licensed psychologist or licensed mental health counselor. However I'm also aware that as a mental health counselor I will be making significantly less money than if I had a PhD. So my questions are 1) does anyone have opinions on the TC program? I've heard the professors don't pay much attention to the masters students which concerns me. 2) if I get my psychology in education (general psychology) masters from TC at Columbia what are my chances of gaining acceptance to a PhD program? Specifically a fully funded program. 3) should I be more concerned with the name on the degree or the licensure that will be granted after the 2 year Adelphi program? And 4) if I attended Columbia and got the General masters and then decided not to pursue a PhD what could I do as far as career options with just the masters?

All opinions are welcome, especially if you have personal experience or knowledge of either program! I need to make a final decision by July 1st so please contribute. Thank you!! 

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I would choose Adelphi program because it would allow you to become a clinician. Having the opportunity to gain experience through practicum would increase your chance to get accepted to clinical psyc PhD programs. I would also engage in research project or do a thesis if that is an option for Adelphi's program. Remember, a good PhD application should reflect your practical AND research experience. 

Columbia is a great school for sure but TC's psychology in education program is not a clinical program so I do not see the point of you going there. You would be able to interact with profs from the clinical psyc department if you choose to attend TC so that might be a good thing if you want to attend TC for your PhD (I don't think they fund their students 100% though).

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@Kparis0723  I've heard not-so-great things about the TC program; namely that it's really expensive and you're basically paying for the Columbia name.  That being said though, if you really want to pursue a PhD, I know several people that have gotten into doctoral programs after getting that specific degree from TC (I'm not certain if they're fully funded, but they are partially funded at the least). If your end goal is licensure, go with Adelphi.  It will save you time and money, and note that not ALL PhD holders make more money than someone with just a masters.  Some people go through all the schooling and then regret that they didn't just get an MSW.  It really depends on what you do with your career.  I think you just have to somehow realize what your end goal is-- maybe talk to as many people as you can, professors, clinicians, psychologists, and just ask them about their day and see what you think your future can be. 

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