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POI first email format



I've been wanting to email a professor I am interested in working with and I am not sure how to format the email. I want to introduce myself and ask if there is an opening, however I do not know how to properly communicate that. Is there anyone who has any experience on this?


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I recently did this a bunch of times and every single time was as intimidating as the first. But here's how I went about it:

Hello Dr. [name of POI],

My name is [your name] and I am currently [doing something]. I am interested in the [school and department/program] and I was wondering if you are planning to take new students in [year you plan to apply]. 

[A few lines about what they do that interests you and how that fits in with your overall interests]

[ a few lines about your academic background and/or current work. If you are doing/have done any research related to their work, definitely include that info]

I have attached my CV and a short research statement with this email for your consideration. If you would like any additional information, please let me know.

Thank you,
[your name]

Any variation on this should be good. Just remember to show real interest in their work and keep it short.  You can expand on your research interests and past work in your research statement, but mention it in a few sentences in the email. That way they can quickly skim the email and find out what you're about, and, if interested, can get a better idea by reading your statement.

The website link from @shoupista is a good one and helped me when I was writing my emails.

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