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Flyouts for Statistics PhD Programs

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How common is it for Statistics PhD programs to fly out prospective/admitted domestic students?  I am trying to plan for possibly buying multiple plane tickets for visits (I would like to visit all programs that admit me with funding).  In particular for the following programs:

Rice University

Kansas State University

University of Missouri - Columbia

Florida State University

Virginia Tech University

University of South Carolina

North Carolina - Chapel Hill


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I don't think any schools will fly you out pre-admisison unless they do on site interviews (e.g. Duke stats, a few biostats schools). However, most schools will pay to fly you out if you're admitted (all of the programs I was accepted to offered to fly me out). There might be a few exceptions (maybe some schools don't have as much funding for recruitment as others), but I would definitely not try to purchase any flights till you're accepted/the schools tell you about their accepted students days. If you're worried about being able to buy the flights before being reimbursed, some schools can book your flights through their travel agencies.

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I had a friend who was flown out for UNC Stats after he was admitted, but they only refund very low amounts (I think it was < 200) for flights and he had to stay with a student. Couldn't tell you anything about the other schools, but in my experience all schools will refund you at least partially, some will refund the entire cost. It really depends on the program.

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