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Minimum GRE Scores in Education PhD programs


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Will any of these schools have minimum GRE requirements? I can look them up, but perhaps if say, someone on grad cafe knows that none of the schools do, it will save me a lot of time. I know most schools do not have minimum test score requirements, but I thought I'd double check. Thanks all!

Harvard University
Stanford University
University of California—Los Angeles
University of Pennsylvania
University of Wisconsin—Madison
Johns Hopkins University
Columbia University (Teacher’s College)
Northwestern University
University of Michigan—Ann Arbor
University of California—Berkeley
University of Chicago




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Even if they aren't published as minimums, we often have internal minimum scores. At my institution, if a student is below that minimum, we have to have a compelling reason to accept them and we are only allowed to accept a certain percentage below the minimum.

Also, you didn't ask, but I would suggest basing your list on your potential advisor(s) not on the school itself. Based on the list, my hunch is you are picking schools first, but I could be wrong...

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30 minutes ago, Blue94 said:

I am wondering if anyone could give me advice on whether I should retake the GRE. I plan on applying to several PhD in Education graduate programs, including "Top 5" schools this fall. My undergrad (in sociology and business) GPA was above a 3.9 and my master's (in education from a "top" education program) GPA was above a 3.8. My current GRE scores are a 161 in verbal reasoning, a 164 in quantitative reasoning, and a 5 in analytical writing. 

I understand GRE scores are just one piece of the admissions puzzle. I am currently leaning toward investing more time on my SOP and writing samples rather than retaking the test, but I wanted to hear from others. Any insight you have is much appreciated!

Looks like your verbal is 88th percentile and your quant 87th (depending on exact administration). Don't waste your time retaking--that's good enough. Instead, focus on finding your research match, working on research experience, and writing your statement. As noted in my comment above, "top school" is really not relevant (within reason) for a PhD...it is more about the strength of your mentor in his/her field.

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