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  1. It's so weird, because that is where so many famous curriculum theorists worked and studied. I want to apply to UoC, but I want to study Curriculum and Instruction at the PhD level. I have a background in English, but their English dept. is very selective, even for me with good stats. Anyone have ideas of what department at University of Chicago would allow me to study Curriculum and Instruction?
  2. Will any of these schools have minimum GRE requirements? I can look them up, but perhaps if say, someone on grad cafe knows that none of the schools do, it will save me a lot of time. I know most schools do not have minimum test score requirements, but I thought I'd double check. Thanks all! Harvard University Stanford University University of California—Los Angeles University of Pennsylvania University of Wisconsin—Madison Johns Hopkins University Columbia University (Teacher’s College) Northwestern University University of Michigan—Ann Arbor University of California—Berkeley University of Chicago
  3. "Find professors you want to study with"

    Thank you cowgirlsdontcry! I also found strangefox's post below very helpful. If anyone has any other advice, let me know! Thanks!!
  4. Hi everyone, My advisor said to narrow my list down depending on the professors I want to study with at each university. What is the best way to go about researching the professors? How will I really know? (Background: I'm in a M.S.Ed program and I am applying this year for PhD programs. I have a list of 12 schools, and I want to narrow it down to no more than six. I am currently very happy at my Uni and would love to continue the PhD program here, but I want to see where I can get in elsewhere as well and weigh my options.)
  5. Advice on getting GA position

    I am in the same boat. I'm a second year Masters and can't find funding. Do you know any languages? Sometimes there are more opportunities if you can teach a language. But I second your question!
  6. How do you all defend your scholarly path to the public?

    I am in Education, so most people don't ask. But my man is a history grad student and when people say, "what are you going to do with that?" he just shrugs... even though he wants to be a professor down the line.
  7. rising_star, I think the question is, if you turn in a SOP around 500 words for a school that asks for max. 1000, will this reflect poorly on your application? I am not sure, I second this question!
  8. Master's Programs Like Penn's M.S.Ed in Education, Culture, & Society?

    Have you looked into Indiana University? They have a great school of education and all of the classes/topics you mention are offered. The M.S.Ed does not require you to submit GRE scores. I am in the M.S.Ed of Secondary Education, absolutely love the School of Education, and had a 3.4 in undergrad. I think we are like #32 in Education overall, but #9 in Curriculum and Instruction. Let me know if you have other questions! Here's the different degrees they offer, I see a few that fit your interests. However, I know that most programs only require a few core classes, and they you pretty much have free range of what classes you take.