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Stats PhD profile evaluation, thanks

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Undergrad: Nankai University (top 5 maths in China)
Major: Mathematics
GPA: 3.4

Classes:real analysis (B+) Probability theory (B+)

Masters: Columbia University
Major: Statistics
GPA: 4

Type of Student: international male

gre: v:151 q:170 aw:3


I don't know if my maths background is good . As  a maths major,I have taken almost all maths classes but my gpa is not high. In my master years, I got all As in stats classes. Unfortunately, I don's have any research experience in statistics, my only research is in number theory.


I plan to apply for top 50 stat PhD in fall 2018 and i need funding. Are there any suggestions? What are my safe picks?

Programs I'm Considering: Purdue, BU, UFL,UIUC

Any advice is greatly appreciated!



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I think UF and Purdue are solid choices because they have a reputation for admitting a lot of international students. You might want to check with your undergrad institution's faculty to see where they've placed people before. I'll admit the B+ in Analysis doesn't look great but since it is a school in China it might hold different weight (I am not sure about this).

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Some universities want international grades converted to American equivalencies. Each program may use a different conversion system--be sure to use the system the program says to. One such system is located at https://www.wes.org/gradeconversionguide/.  This will give you some idea about where your grades stand in relation to American grading systems.

Since you received your master's at Columbia, you might check with them as to what system they used. Your lack of A's as an undergrad may be offset by your MA grades.


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On 9/13/2017 at 1:54 PM, houmaotu said:

Is this a better choice to apply for an IE/OR phd>

Based on what? I'm sure admissions for both are roughly equally competitive. Apply to what you're interested in.

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