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Which is the best place to learn GRE vocabulary?


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2 hours ago, shicode said:

Is the Barron's  book of GRE vocabulary any good or is there a better resource out there?

I think Barron's is fantastic. They star the words that are seen most often in the GRE. They break the vocab into sections of 10 alphabetically. They give the definition and use the word in a sentence. They they have review of the section with matching, fill in the blank and questions asking whether or not the sentence makes sense. I also like it because I know which words I need to put onto a flash card and which words I already know. Plus the act of making your own flashcards but hand writing them helps you remember. As a supplement I also like the flashcards by Magoosh broken into "beginner" "intermediate" and "advance" sections. They have a smart phone app so you can use it on the go. 

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In my opinion, if you have 3 months and dedication to learn English use Norman Lewis : Word Power Made Easy else go with Magoosh GRE Vocabulary Flashcards.

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