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Full funding at York University, Toronto


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Hi everyone.

I am a prospective applicant for MA philosophy at York University for fall next year 2018. The admission window would soon be open for 2018. Please, what is the possibility of getting full funding for grad study at York, as is stated on their website?

Thanks guys!

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Hi Nickybert,,,

I didn't apply before in York University. But I'm currently also looking for PhD scholarships abroad.

Each time you view a university's website, you have to scroll over to the sections of "Prospective Students", "Financing Tuition", "International Students", "Awards & Scholarships", "Fellowships & Assistantships", etc. Read the content & make sure that the Graduate Program (M.A in your case) offers a range of scholarships for international students. Browsing takes a bit of time & perseverance to reach this information, but with time, you'll get the hang of it. You can also email the university to ask them, but from my experience, this usually doesn't help, it's better to browse the university site to find the info yourself.

You usually have three choices to fund your studies (not all universities offer all three choices, that's why you have to look over the university's site to find out):

1* The best choice: Is for you to apply for assistantship or fellowship. That means that you will work as a teaching or research assistant in the university, while studying there. This assures that "all" your tuition fees are exempted, plus you are paid a salary for your work to finance your sustenance needs (residence, food, books, etc.). PLUS you get experience in teaching & researching, which boosts your CV tremendously!

2* The second best choice: You get a full scholarship + stipend. That is the scholarship explicitly mentions that it covers ALL your tuition fees PLUS provides you with additional money (stipend) so you can spend on your sustenance.

3* The least best choice: You get an incomplete scholarship, either that the scholarship mentions that it ONLY covers your tuition fees, BUT you have to find a way to fund your sustenance, or the scholarship mentions that it ONLY covers PART of your tuition fees. In my opinion, just skip universities that only offers this choice, & fund universities that offers one or two of the above choices. If you still want to apply for this university, you can apply to this kind of scholarship, but keep searching for other organizations & institutions that offer other scholarships to cover the rest of the tuition fees + your sustenance.

Another point is that I found some advice on the net from students who found scholarships, & are saying that finding scholarships for MA is very hard, & finding them for PhD is easier. So you can apply for Graduate Programs that combine MA & PhD together in one program, many North American Universities offer this.

BTW, I found the "Student Finances" page on York University here:

Student Finances / Prospective Students / Faculty of Graduate Studies / York University

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