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Ideal GRE scores for MSW applicants


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Hello! I'm looking to see what ideal GRE scores are for MSW applicants? I'm planning on applying to UNC- Chapel Hill, UGA, UT-Austin, UMichigan, UI-Chicago, and FSU as of now. I know ideal score may vary from school to school but just trying to get and some insight to what scores admissions are looking for, I would really appreciate it! Also, if anyone has any other school suggestions that offer Dual Degree Programs with an MSW and an MPH or MPA please let me know as well! 

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Ideal score regardless of program: 170, 170, 6.0. 

Program-specific advice: Beyond the school's websites, I found the results tab on gradcafe quite helpful. They are searchable by program, keyword, which is a great resource. 

General GRE Advice: Don't worry about a target score. Work hard at studying, develop tools and strategies, and don't stress out too much. As much as the first line felt like sarcasm, it wasn't. The GRE is a score maximizing effort. Do your best, and decide afterwards if it was good enough. 

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A perfect or near-prefect score would be achievable. But the best solution is to check first which school you'd like to apply and what's the GRE Score they require for your program.

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