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Selecting my Graduate field of study



Hello all,

I am an undergraduate student from India with bachelors in Biotechnology and a GPA of 3.8/4.

I am in a quandary: whether go for Biomedical Engineering or for Environmental Science ( I have a predisposition towards it). 

Please help me know the job prospects after graduation. Are these fields of study in demand? Would i be able to secure a job after my graduation ? Should I go for Biomedical or for Environmental Science?


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I'm not specialized in those areas (instead, I'm specialized in social sciences). But I agree with snowangel that you may research job prospects for each field in the country of your interest. For ex., here in Egypt, the engineering specializations have higher career prospects than sciences (including environmental sciences). I think that applied sciences (ex., medicine, engineering) have higher prospects in general, anywhere, than natural sciences. But this is understandable, because businesses & companies have more interests in applied sciences than natural sciences (especially environmental sciences, which harm their exploitation of natural resources).

But I'd generally advise you to "follow your heart" rather than "career prospects". I think it's better that you specialize in what "you" - & not companies - are interested in. Because when you study & work something that you love, you will gladly give it your whole time & energy, & will excel in it, & therefore you may better succeed & be creative in this field ^_^

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