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Number of hours: class vs. homework/study


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is it realistic of me to believe that I can work 3 hours at home for a 3 hour class during my MSW? For those of you who have done a master's program in social work, how many hours did you study for each class you had? 


PS : I have no field placement. 

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I'll let people in MSW programs answer, but from a general perspective that's way too little time out of class. 

For accreditation, the baseline amount of out-of-class work is a minimum of 2 hours per hour spent in class, so 6 hours out of class for a 3-hour class. And that's supposed to be a minimum. 

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Hello everyone,

so we're three weeks into the semester now. I can say that I am not behind in terms of readings and assignments. But it's a hell lot of work. On top of that, I am going to Parliament Hill in two weeks because I was selected to be a spokesperson in my country for a cause that's very dear to me. And I am also co-coordinating a program at my uni with two others girls. I registered to take yoga and sports classes. But wow, it's a lot. I was also very involved during my undergraduate studies and I managed. I know i am going to manage this time around but it requires a lot of energy and effort on my part, even though I love what I am studying.

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Homework cause stress because, for many students, they have already spent hours sitting in chairs, their brains likes sponges soaking up information, practicing new skills and interpreting concepts. Now, like a sponge that has been over saturated, there is no room to soak up anyhting more. The brain needs time to consolidate what it already has. The best way to do this, all ages, is play. Go move around, laugh, have fun, and let all those feel good chemicals in their brains translate all the new learning into feel good information. Sitting in a chair trying to stuff in more info can trigger the amydala and put the brain into survival mode causing increase in heart rate and blood pressure. Emotional duress causes the break down of the learning process exacerbating the problem by making the recall and implementation of newly learned material more difficult and causing greater duress.
I suggest using precalculus homework help

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