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How is Magoosh for GRE/ Anyone currently using?


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I currently have Manhattan for GRE, and my first test score was acceptable (163/160) but not for my top school. I've exhausted most of the materials and practice tests with Manhattan and was wondering if anyone is currently using Magoosh? How is it, do you feel the practice tests have been helpful?


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Its great but it does not have practice tests in the traditional sense. It has a pool of hundrends of questions for quant and verbal, each one with a detailed explanation and links to the appropriate material. You can choose to take a slice of these questions for a practice run with the same number of questions as those of the test, but the questions may not be as calibrated in difficulty as those in the real thing.

I found that PowerPrep mock tests are a better predictor.

The questions are slightly harder than the real thing, and cover everything. If you finish it you should feel confident in whatever the test throws at you.



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