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Survey: Upward and Downward Mobility


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With your acceptances so far, did you experience upward or downward mobility (your grad department ranking compared to undergrad department)? And do you think this reflects your relative position in your undergrad class (say top students experience upward mobility, while not so top students downward? And another unrelated question: what percentage of PhDs are from the top10 departments out of the total pool of PhDs?

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I think you're probably going to have to control for those on the extreme ends and only use results from those in the middle. I mean, someone from a Top 5 undergrad reallhy can't do anything but maintain their position or move down, and someone from the no-ranks can either not get in anywhere or move up. I'm not sure you can include all of these people in the same group.

For all of those schools in the middle, though, it is interesting to see mobility based on position within the current department.

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Quite a good upward movement. And yes, obviously doing well relative to the rest of your undergrad class is going to increase your odds of upward mobility. The question of mobility is also somewhat moot for people coming from top LACs which are unranked for PhD's but consistently place students to top PhD programs.

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