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University of Melbourne vs ANU?

Gunjan Saboo

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Hello everyone!

I am

- an Indian Chartered Accountant

- 3 years of internship and 8 months of professional work experience

- 78 % in Bachelor of Commerce

I am confused between Masters of Management at University of Melbourne or at ANU which starts in February 2018. I have read a few other posts about Uni Mel vs ANU and still cannot make a decision clearly. I am aware of the reputation, rankings, location factors, etc. And as of now I am more inclined towards University of Melbourne mainly because of the city itself and the location of the university. Also, since I am a Chartered Accountant in India, I also intend to become a member of the Australian CPA Community.

What are other factors which I should consider?  Also, how are job opportunities for Masters + CPA at Canberra and Melbourne? Would be really glad if someone helped.

Thanks & Warm Regards,



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My Bachelor degree is from Monash University, and I also plan on applying to the University of Melbourne for my Masters. While it's not in management, a few friends who took their Commerce Masters there had positive things to say about their program. Both the University of Melbourne and ANU are highly respectable. Do consider the course structure and see if the classes and assignment lists match your interest. For internships and job opportunities, you can shoot the department an e-mail to ask about potential employment. Each university usually forms a partnership with a number of companies and organizations, and they can arrange proper internship placements for students later in the program - you're also free to find one on your own if you like (based on my experience, and I assume that it'd be the same at a Masters level). All the best.

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