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chances of getting into a speech pathology program (slp)



Hey Everyone, 
I need some realistic input of my chances of getting into a speech pathology (slp) program!
Since graduating almost 2 years ago I've..
taught English in 2 countries, (2 months in one, 8 months in another)
worked as an early intervention associate, behavior therapist, ABA therapist in 2 schools 
and home aba therapist, I also volunteer weekly teaching English, speak 2 languages and am improving my Spanish 
basically I've dedicated all my time (after graduating) working with individuals through 1:1 therapy and mentoring to get all the experience I can to be a better SLP
i feel my resume & experience are great

what I lack... my gpa: 2.9, gre: in the 140's & writing is 4

my letters of rec will be written by an hdfs prof,an slp who supervised me & teacher I worked w/abroad (teaching english)

I'm applying to schools in CT(local), NY, RI & NJ
but it scares me so much that I won't get accepted because of my low gpa..

do I have a chance of acceptance? should I apply anyways? retake classes?

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