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What does your University pay you? (CANADA)


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Hey guys,

I am hopeful to accumulate information on take-home pay at Canadian institutions with a focus on science departments, but anything is interesting! I'm looking for  1. if there is a guaranteed stipend and what it is and 2. if the institution cancels funding if you receive external awards (OGS, NSERC, QEII etc). I looked at the database that was previously posted but not many canadian institutions are listed....

E.g... (real numbers)

Carleton University - Biology, PhD

Guaranteed income/year

Teaching Assistantship - 2 semesters = $10,672

RAship  = $4800  (Cancelled if external funding received)

"Domestic Student Scholarship" = $6-7k/year

Typical PhD income in Biology = $21500-$22000 per year 

Entrance scholarships =~$3-5k but given in first year enrolled

Tuition with all additional costs (health insurance, Upass, newspaper, gym, etc. Upass = $200/semester, health insurance = $388 for Fall and Winter)

Fall = $3800

Winter = $3000

Summer = $3200

Typical PhD tuition in Biology = ~$10,000

Total guaranteed take home wage with no external funding = ~$12,000 

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At U of T, the psych program's minimum take-home is 17,500, but the students on average take home much more than that. Their tuition is completely covered from separate money, but they do not see any additional income if the scholarship they win is less than their funding amount. If it is more, from what I understand they get the additional amount beyond their original funding.

At Western, the psych program's minimum take home is also around 17,500, but the tuition amount is part of their typical "minimum funding", meaning the numbers look different but they are really the same. Western guarantees you 24-25k per year, and they take out your tuition from that (about 8k), so you're left with around 16-17k as a minimum. There are no extra TA opportunities to make more money at Western the way there are at U of T, which means a common way to make more money doesn't exist at Western. However, if you win a scholarship, you receive that money directly, and the department just assigns you less work for your TAship (or no work at all, depending on how large the scholarship is).

At Western in the neuro program, it depends on the host program (anatomy and cell bio, psych, physiology and pharmacology, etc), but you are usually guaranteed a minimum of 20-21k (but you pay tuition from that), so you really take home 12-13k, which kinda sucks. Also, the way the funding structure goes, you actually have to pay some tuition each term, and then you get that money back through the year. I think it's the worst process, but no one asked me. Finally, I believe that people who win scholarships get to keep some of it, but they may not get to keep all of it. In the neuro program, they also recently removed the guaranteed TAships, because of how many people they are admitting. Incoming students won't be guaranteed a TAship, and I'm not sure whether that money will be made up in some other way.

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