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A dreaded "what are my chances" post... PhD Education (Curriculum & Instruction)


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Undergraduate degree in English Lit GPA 3.4

Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction GPA 4.0

GRE 162V/151Q 4.5 Analytical Writing

No research experience, but a lot of teaching experience! Strong writing sample & letters of rec. M.Ed. uni is reputable.

Wow, after filling this out I realized—who the f* knows my chances?? This is not even telling information. Well, if anyone has insight anyway, I'm just going to post this, because it will help relieve some stress. The schools I am applying to are as follows:

Stanford University

University of Wisconsin—Madison*

Columbia University (Teacher’s College)*

Northwestern University

University of Michigan—Ann Arbor*

Indiana University—Bloomington*

University of California—Los Angeles

University of California—Berkeley

New York University

University of Pennsylvania

The starred choices are the ones in which I feel as though I am a great fit for (in relation to my research interests and POI at each school.) Wow, again, this post turned out very vague but any insight would be great. Thank you all.

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Personally, I think you stand a very good chance. Not trying to get your hopes up of course. I am also applying to some C&I departments (different ones than you have stated) and my stats are not as high. So, I think you could make a strong candidate. It should come down to your writing sample and statements and your letters of recommendation. You really want to make sure you know why you want to do the Ph.D. versus an Ed.D. cause they will more than likely ask, or want to see why you chose the research doctorate over the administrative one.

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