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  1. Sandmaster

    2019 Education Applications

    Hi all! I hope you are all doing well given deadlines are coming up for most places quickly! Remember to relax, breathe, and stay confident! I remember this was a stressful few weeks for me last year! For LORs, it really depends on what type of a program you are applying to (not just a master's vs PhD). If the program is very research focused and they want applicants who are wanting to do research and will be doing research throughout the program, then your LOR should be someone who can speak to those important research skills and experience. The master's at my institution is heavily research focused and has an even more rigorous master's track for people who want to "springboard" into the PhD. If you are applying to a PhD then I would recommend all of your letters at least mention your ability to conduct research. Strategically select people who can attest to your success as many PhD students burn out by the time they get to their dissertation research and it is quite common to not finish because the research is overwhelming. Also, if you have a good idea of what you want to research, maybe not a specific research question, but a general topic, include it in your statement of purpose. Lastly about the age of students, in my program, most PhD students are between 25-40. Master's students are between 23 and 50.
  2. Sandmaster

    2019 Education Applications

    Hi all, good luck to the applicants in 2019! I just went through the application cycle (2018) and got admitted to a variety of programs. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about the process. Also, if interested in educational technology/learning sciences, let me know also. :) Best of luck!
  3. Sandmaster

    How many of you were called doctor at commencement?

    I have never heard of this practice except maybe at medical schools/programs. Usually they just recognize that the degree they are conferring is a doctorate level degree and that is it. I have never heard of an institution using the doctor title for graduating students.
  4. I would say send the first scores. AW is not heavily looked at to begin with and you can easily make up with a stellar SOP and writing sample to showcase your writing ability. Any red flags the 3.5 would raise would probably be quickly extinguished once your essays are read. But, I am by no means an expert so do what you feel most comfortable doing.
  5. Sandmaster

    Application rescinded?

    Yeah I agree with E-P. It is very rare they would rescind an offer of admission. Unless you did not graduate with the bachelor's degree (an admission requirement), or your GPA was just so terrible (like a 1.0) for your last term/year, I would seriously doubt they would rescind the offer.
  6. Sandmaster

    How much to reveal

    Different field here, but I would not mention it anywhere in your application materials. It may come across in a way you do not intend.
  7. 2nd-3rd year probably.
  8. Sandmaster

    Underwhelming Undergrad GPA??

    Hey there. Different field, but I had a similar situation. I did not have a strong UGRAD GPA at around 2.9 when I first started to apply to graduate programs and I had a very difficult time getting a graduate program to say yes to be even for a master's degree, but luckily I did eventually find one. (They took me because I had a pretty good GRE score and they felt it was worth the gamble admitting me) I completed the master's degree in a year and a half and applied to PhD programs with a master's GPA of 3.67 (Not great, but a huge improvement from UGRAD) and I got in to most of the programs I applied to. I ended up graduating with a 3.60 from the master's but I think as long as a master's GPA is above a 3.5 I doubt many ad committees will even care about your UGRAD GPA or your Master's GPA. Unless you are applying to highly competitive programs (like Ivy League) I would say you are probably fine. Most programs only care about your most recent academic achievement. They will probably view it all and you will need to send them transcripts for it all, but will base the decision on overall trend and the most recent academic success. Last note, GPA is probably not even in the top three aspects of the application they care about. Believe it, or not, GPA and GRE are just boxes they tick off that you passed some threshold and only take a closer look if there are concerns. Focus a lot of attention on your SOP and securing exceptional recommendations as those are the two most important pieces of the application dossier.
  9. Sandmaster

    senior year first semester gpa

    Then I would assume you will apply with unofficial transcripts that include fall grades and spring classes.
  10. Sandmaster

    senior year first semester gpa

    Depends on when you apply and what transcript you use (what semesters are on that transcript). Typically applications are due on 12/1, so your fall grades will probably not be posted by that point (I assume?) but they will see what classes you are enrolled in. All graduate school offers are conditional on completing the degree and they are assuming you continue to be a strong student in your final year. It is rare, but I have heard of admissions offers being revoked for poor grades, or for obviously not finishing the bachelor's degree in time.
  11. Sandmaster

    Can I Request A Campus Visit?

    If it is where you are seriously considering, I would not feel weird about asking for a campus visit. That shows a program your level of commitment/interest in their institution. Usually after you have been admitted they will offer to pay (even if it is just some of it) to bring you out to see their campus as a way to try to get you to accept their offer.
  12. Sandmaster

    How will my stipend be paid?

    They are paid monthly at UWM.
  13. Sandmaster

    Accept Federal Direct or Nah

    So, I actually work in the financial aid office at the school you are going to (for a few more weeks), feel free to reach out if you want more help and we can set up an appointment to chat too. Otherwise, I would seriously question if you need the money. Loans at the graduate level carry a much higher interest rate than their undergraduate counterparts and since it is unsubsidized, interest begins accruing upon disbursement. If you absolutely need the money to live then sure take out only what you need, but I do not recommend taking it all out if you do not absolutely need it. Good luck!
  14. Sandmaster

    Question about assigning TAships

    I know at a few institutions that I applied to for their PhD program. Many of them would not offer a teaching appointment unless you already had a master's degree (or the equivalent in time spent in the program), even if the master's was not an admission requirement. Usually in those cases it is university policy that the instructor needs to have at least a master's to teach undergraduate courses and be an ABD to teach graduate courses.
  15. I would stretch it if I were you. When I went through my master's I got questioned multiple times by the department committee that oversees graduation and doctoral admissions on why I did my master's so quickly. (I started spring 17 and graduated end of spring 18 - so 1.5 years essentially for me) They had a valid point for bringing it up. Graduate school is not about how quickly you can power through the program, it is about giving yourself time to truly master the concepts and create original research (if applicable), or have time to reflect on what the content is (transformative learning). That said, I had a good reason to go through mine quickly because I knew I wanted to get started with the PhD as quickly as I could knowing it would take 4-5 years. I am already in my late 20's and I started on an off-term being that it was January and I had to be finished in time for a fall start for the PhD. I did not want to take time off in between (except for a summer). Long story short, it is your decision, but I would not do the entire degree in a single academic year. Maybe a fall, spring, summer trimester type timeframe, but I would not go quicker than that if it was my decision. Good luck!

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