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  1. If you are still deciding and want to talk more about it with a current student in the department let me know. I am always happy to share my experience, though I know your program focus would be different than mine. As a personal story, I was only offered RA for the summer before the fall term began and then got offered a 75% appointment (two teaching and one RA) for fall and 50% (one teaching and one RA) for spring. I initially was offered 25% for this upcoming summer, but then was offered to teach another section thus bringing me up to 50%. The department is large so sometimes things take a
  2. Usually it is just federal loans and it can only be Stafford direct loans, not the older FFEEL loans. You have to apply for it and qualify every year for working in specific places of employment and you have to make 120 qualified payments before you would qualify. If you have started this process and then go back for an advanced degree, you would need to talk to your servicer. I am not sure how that changes things. I hope this helps!
  3. Yeah, I was rejected after interview weekend from a fairly prestigious school. I don't want to scare you, but the POI and I were on the same page and the fit was really good. We both really enjoyed each other and the current students in the lab all liked me too and gave me good marks from what I was told. However, there was someone they liked just a little bit more due to slightly more experience. So I got waitlisted without ever being told that was the case. Eventually, I got rejected, but it really didn't matter since I personally liked another school far better as the fit and culture was cl
  4. Hey there! Congrats on your acceptance as well! I know I was extremely excited when I got mine too. So next steps for me may, or may not, be similar to your's just since the department could have changed things from last year in their process. In the next few weeks, you will probably get an email from our grad studies coordinator with details about setting up a campus visit with other admitted students. The actual visit is sometime early in March (or it was last year). It gives you and your fellow potential colleagues the chance to meet each other, faculty, staff, and current students within y
  5. While I can not speak to K-12 as my domain is higher education, I know that a lot of people usually do a M.Ed. as their first master's not as a second one. What I have typically found with teachers who have a second master's - they usually first get a master's in their specific content discipline and then get the teaching job (assuming they already have the license and certification requirements for that state) and then wait and do a second master's in education and curriculum specific once the school district is willing to pay for it (to avoid the some of the cost). The problem is, if you do
  6. Congratulations to you as well! That is my department, so if you have any questions, feel free to reach out!
  7. Congrats! Let me know if you have any U of M questions! I am happy to answer from the perspective of a first year there.
  8. Hi all! I hope you are all doing well given deadlines are coming up for most places quickly! Remember to relax, breathe, and stay confident! I remember this was a stressful few weeks for me last year! For LORs, it really depends on what type of a program you are applying to (not just a master's vs PhD). If the program is very research focused and they want applicants who are wanting to do research and will be doing research throughout the program, then your LOR should be someone who can speak to those important research skills and experience. The master's at my institution is heavily research
  9. Hi all, good luck to the applicants in 2019! I just went through the application cycle (2018) and got admitted to a variety of programs. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about the process. Also, if interested in educational technology/learning sciences, let me know also. :) Best of luck!
  10. I have never heard of this practice except maybe at medical schools/programs. Usually they just recognize that the degree they are conferring is a doctorate level degree and that is it. I have never heard of an institution using the doctor title for graduating students.
  11. I would say send the first scores. AW is not heavily looked at to begin with and you can easily make up with a stellar SOP and writing sample to showcase your writing ability. Any red flags the 3.5 would raise would probably be quickly extinguished once your essays are read. But, I am by no means an expert so do what you feel most comfortable doing.
  12. Yeah I agree with E-P. It is very rare they would rescind an offer of admission. Unless you did not graduate with the bachelor's degree (an admission requirement), or your GPA was just so terrible (like a 1.0) for your last term/year, I would seriously doubt they would rescind the offer.
  13. Different field here, but I would not mention it anywhere in your application materials. It may come across in a way you do not intend.
  14. Hey there. Different field, but I had a similar situation. I did not have a strong UGRAD GPA at around 2.9 when I first started to apply to graduate programs and I had a very difficult time getting a graduate program to say yes to be even for a master's degree, but luckily I did eventually find one. (They took me because I had a pretty good GRE score and they felt it was worth the gamble admitting me) I completed the master's degree in a year and a half and applied to PhD programs with a master's GPA of 3.67 (Not great, but a huge improvement from UGRAD) and I got in to most of the programs I
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