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    I heard from Irvine three weeks ago. But, yeah it is pretty department specific on timelines I guess.
  2. Minneapolis, MN

    I just officially signed my lease. I can not wait to move out to Minneapolis and start classes!
  3. 2018 Education Applicants

    Grats on your acceptance! Still have two programs I am waiting to hear from, but I am pretty sure I already made my decision on where I am going next fall.
  4. Fin Aid Questions for PhD programs

    Typically yes, your stipend is taxable. If you get a waiver, then usually the school will exclude that from your COA (cost of attendance) and you are only able to get financial aid (scholarships, loans, grants, etc) up to your COA. Your cost of attendance usually includes your living expenses and transportation expenses. It includes books as well. Every school is different in what they include, so talk with your financial aid office to see what their procedures are.
  5. UC Irvine PhD in Education 2018

    I finally got my rejection email this morning. Oh well.
  6. Stipend Levels

    Thanks for the info everyone. I guess I will just continue to wait and hope to get some nice funding offers in the coming weeks.
  7. Fashion for a Visit

    @surprise_quiche UWM actually
  8. Fashion for a Visit

    Hey all, I currently attend a university in Milwaukee, so let me know if you have any other questions
  9. Stipend Levels

    Hi all, I hope everyone is having a great day. I had a quick question about the variance in stipend levels and what variables go into determining the amount of money the university is willing to pay you. At my current university (master's) I am getting a stipend to perform an administrative action for an annual appointment. The system here is that the type of appointment (teaching, research, administrative) all have their own salary floors which are reserved for master's students and Ph.D students within their first two years (typically). Once a student earns their equivalent of a master's in their doctoral program they are bumped up to a new minimum, or if a student enters into their Ph.D with a master's already completed you start at that middle salary floor. Then the last salary floor is for docstoral students in dissertator status. I was wondering how common this is? Some of the schools I have applied to and the few I have been admitted to just advertise a wide range for all types of assistants (one school is around $19,600-$31,200) for an annual 50% appointment. Since I would be entering into a Ph.D program with a master's completed, would it be common to have that move me up in the range a bit starting off? I am just not sure how the determination works on how much a school offers you. I would also like to know what to expect before getting any official offers so I can get a fair wage. Thanks for any advice!
  10. I had very similar stats as you. 3.08 UGRAD and 3.7 Master's and I got into a top 10 program in my field already. I am hoping I will get into the other two top 10 programs I applied to as well. It can happen, you just need to make sure you work hard at the statements and letters of rec
  11. Northwestern Learning Science

    Hey there, I did not apply to NW, but I was at an interview day with someone who said they got an interview offer right before that event (it was a few weeks ago). I do not know if that means all interview offers are out though. They may still be interviewing people. I know at one school I applied to, the professors have a deadline to get interviews done by and everyone is different. So some applicants got interviewed super early and others were later. Hope this helps!
  12. UC Irvine PhD in Education 2018

    I did not interview with anyone after I submitted my app, only spoke with a professor before hand. My status is still showing being reviewed so I am not really sure what is going on lol.
  13. UC Irvine PhD in Education 2018

    Has your status changed for you yet? Mine still hasn't but I am suddenly getting emails from the financial aid and scholarship office and now have an UCI student ID? I am still in being reviewed status though... Strange.
  14. Campus Visits

    In my experience that was the case. I didn't get told anything about the hotel (just that there would be one provided) until like a week before.
  15. Literacy Specialist - Requesting a 101

    Just to throw this one out there, I know University of Minnesota has a Literacy Education program within their Curriculum and Instruction department. I applied with lower stats than you and got admitted (different concentration though). Priority funding is given to full time PhD students, so more than likely it is fully funded too.