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  1. Fair enough. I'm speaking more out of having worked in Urban Ed for over a decade here in STL and having very minimal interaction with faculty or students in their programs in St. Louis City schools - so, not to say that isn't their field of interest, just that they're largely off my radar compared to St Louis University or UMSL in terms of engaging locally with urban ed. Also, as someone specifically interested in literacy, their program didn't seem to align to my interests. Again - would love to hear more and hope you get what you are looking for!
  2. @edmajor46 just chiming in to say I'm interested in what you learn - l live in STL and decided not to apply to WashU as I applied to PhD programs this year - my interests didn't align with the department, and their Ed school is just pretty low profile locally? This isn't to say they don't have phenomenal folks - just that they aren't interfacing with urban education, which is where I've been working. Excited to hear what you learn. I can vouch for STL - my husband and I have been here for 13 years and love it.
  3. Not sure if anyone else is waiting on Wisconsin C&I - saw there was an acceptance on the results page - congrats! I've got a visit planned early next week to another school and e-mailed Wisconsin to request an update on when to expect a decision - want to walk in to my visit knowing options to the best of my ability. Received a reply back from Wisconsin C&I that they hope to have all Ph.D. decisions out by the end of next week. Figured I'd share in case it would help anyone else!
  4. Thank you, @ljolon and congratulations! Still radio silence for C&I PhD - keeping my fingers crossed! @SPEDucator - I'll see you in Minneapolis! I think Minnesota is my frontrunner too, but want to know about Wisconsin, either way, before I get too resolved?
  5. Sorry about your result, but thank you so much for the info, @Ran1126 - I appreciate it! Best of luck in your other applications!
  6. Hi! A few questions and an update. Does anyone have insight into timelines at Wisconsin's School of Education? They're the last decision I'm waiting on at the moment (assumed rejection at Harvard, and waiting on my local backup university for an interview at the end of the month). I've seen Wisconsin results posted this year for Ed Policy, but not for Curriculum and Instruction. And there's minimal historical data - decisions 2 or more years ago seemed to come out around this time in February. Is anyone else visiting Minnesota in a couple of weeks? I'm really looking forward to it! Finally - for posterity - I'm in at University of Missouri and I'm impressed with the English Education program. They haven't clarified funding yet - I just know I've been submitted for a big University level fellowship - but communication has been great and the program is in the process of being renamed and re-titled to focus more on literacy, discourse, social justice... if that's your jam and you're reading this in future years, they may be worth a look!
  7. Hi, all! Congratulations to the individual who heard back from Wisconsin! Just saw this on the results page. Just wondering about the poster's field - the department is so diverse that I'm trying not to get antsy. ? If you see this - any insight is welcome. Wasn't expecting Wisconsin until next week based on past years. Best wishes to all as things continue to pick up!
  8. eternalreturn

    HGSE 2019

    I applied to CIS and nothing yet - increasingly at peace with that.
  9. eternalreturn

    HGSE 2019

    Same here. You're not alone. I'm not optimistic but... Ya know... Sending good thoughts.
  10. Sorry @2019CulturePhD! I've been trying not to obsessively check the forums so I'm a little slow. I did hear about funding shortly after I was offered admission - a phone call a few days after my unofficial admission. My read is that Literacy Education moved pretty quickly but their context might be different than Culture and Teaching? Program coodinator has been super helpful. Congrats to you too and hope to meet in the Twin Cities next year!
  11. @SPEDucator - waiting on Harvard and Wisconsin, plus the local options I applied to in case relocating wasn't in the cards. Almost applied to Vanderbilt, but decided moving to Nashville - even temporarily - wasn't in the cards. Their Ph.D. program looked amazing.
  12. Congratulations on the good news, @SPEDucator and @FutureEdPHD! Gotta say - hearing about admissions decisions elsewhere is helping me with the wait. Great to know more institutions are getting to decisions, even if they aren't yet the ones currently deciding my future.
  13. eternalreturn

    HGSE 2019

    Yup. Got the same email too. My heart definitely stopped for a minute, then I realized it was just a blanket thing. ??
  14. Chiming in to say that this is something I'm thinking about lots right now - relocating will mean losing the childcare center that I've had one or two kids at for over five years now. So far I'm not finding a ton of resources at my top schools. I've been admitted to an Education Ph.D. program at the University of Minnesota, but their affiliated childcare programs have long (18 month!) waitlists, so... that probably won't happen; we'd probably wind up in off campus childcare. Toying with getting on the waitlist for the on campus program now, even though I'm waiting to hear back from other programs. University of Wisconsin - Madison seems to have pretty robust offerings though, again, there's lots of talk of waitlists on all of the websites I've found so far. Considering that I'm still weeks out from an admission decision, but waitlists open for 19-20 in early January, I'm not sure how realistic any of those possibilities are? Again - would love to hear from others - especially parents currently attending programs. How do people make this work? Any lessons learned?
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