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Am I Competitive? Please Read

Logan B.

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Program: PhD Social Psychology

Schools Applying To:  Cal, Stanford

Interests: Interpersonal Neurobiology/ Arts; Neuroaethetics, awe, and emotional regulation;mindfulness and emotional regulation; shamanic counseling

Undergrad Institution/Graduate: University of Southern Indiana (B.S Psychology) California Institute of Integral Studies (MA Expressive Arts Therapy)

Undergraduate/Grad GPA: 2.8 (bachelors)/ 3.7 (masters)

GRE: 150 Verbal; 150 Quant; 4 writing

Years of Work Experience: 5

Age: 29

Work Experience: 1.5 years as supervisor for behavioral therapists, 2 years lead facilitator for nature therapy/mindfulness social skills children group, 2 years behavioral therapist at ABA, 1 year children psychiatric intern in London, 1 year school therapist at private catholic school, masters level teacher's assistant for 2 semesters, volunteer at two different emotion and psychophysiology labs,

LORs:  2 from past undergrad professors (one undergrad research supervisor, another from the chair in psychology), and 1 from graduate professor (whom I've closely worked with)

Publications: none, although I have two research presentations; one in undergrad and another presenting my master's thesis of the Art Therapy Relational Neuroscience Model

SOPs: Feel as though it will be strong- sending off to prior professors and colleagues for edits and suggestions


WHY AM I SO BAD AT STANDARDIZED TESTS. I've taken the GRE 3 times and studied immensely and cannot seem to perform well.

I am applying for Fall 2018. Any advice or feedback greatly appreciated.


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Your work experience is extremely impressive, but I fear your lack of research productivity and somewhat low GREs will hold you back from the top schools. Are those the only two you are applying to? 

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Yes, I am trying to be more productive in research. Right now I am a research assistant at Stanford as well as UCSF. Unfortunately I only have two research presentations, but perhaps having a masters and presenting a masters thesis helps? Ahhhh darn the GRE

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