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Can't afford to send GRE scores...I have $45


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Hello all.

I have less than $10 USD in my American bank account, so I'm unable to send my GRE score reports. I'm working abroad and my employer has not paid me yet (I've worked for 2 months...it's China and they're slow). I don't know when I will be paid, but ETS will not accept my Chinese bank card. I currently have about $45 worth in Chinese currency....this is all the money that I have (my housing is paid for by my employer).

Does ETS offer fee waivers for score reports? I was in a similar position last year (same employer) but I asked my parents for money and then repaid them.

I was a McNair scholar (my parents are low-income, first-gen) so I did receive a test fee waiver.

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I don't think they offer waivers for sending additional score reports.

May be a good idea to ask for a loan again

Edit: Apparently you may be able to get promo vouchers but the discounts are not that big

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Another thing you can try is to contact the schools you're applying to. Explain the situation and ask if they will accept self-reported unofficial score reports for now. Tell them that once you have the funds, you can order the score reports. Some schools might not actually require the official reports until they have made their decisions.

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