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  1. good luck everyone.... here to answer any questions as a current 2nd year student (im at WashU in STL but I applied/visited a few schools a couple years ago). Feel free to message me.
  2. I am surprised this year the forum is so dead with French applicants When I was applying we had quite a few posters. I've heard UPenn is very eclectic, NYU and Columbia are great for Francophone subjects too. Rutgers apparently has done well with placement. As for application tips...review your applications well, reach out to faculty, include who you would work with in your statements, reach out to current students and emphasize your academic background in France, it will probably be very much appreciated. If you have experience tutoring or anything like that you could mention it as well.
  3. Broke up with the guy I was seeing whoop! Perhaps I should write this in the positivity thread as it is a good thing
  4. Boy problems! Who's got em? I got 'em too!
  5. My papers are excellent, I think? I feel proud of my research! Also, my boyfriend is literally the sweetest.
  6. It's final exams (papers, rather) season and I am super stressed about that (oddly less stressed than last semester, however; I know my writing process much better now and have started my research in advance. Professors were more proactive about demanding drafts in advance.) I feel like a machine. Concurrently, I am dating a very sweet, caring guy who has depression and who has difficult life circumstances and whom I am unable to help and that hurts. And to add to that, I'm feeling impostor syndrome so badly. One of my theory based courses is particularly challenging, and the professor has even mocked me for my contributions in class which only adds to my anxiety about not being good enough for academia. I haven't had time to chat with my family; my mom is sick but tells me she is doing better. Communication with the rest of them is not frequent. My apartment looks like a tornado passed through it. I get up in the morning, make a quick breakfast, go to the gym, eat something really quick, shower and spend all my evenings doing schoolwork. This is a lifestyle that people who are not in graduate school wouldn't understand--for them, work starts at 9 and ends at 5 (or at specific schedules.) For us, work is always with us. Even during breaks, you are supposed to consume knowledge like a beast. There is never a moment of rest.
  7. Best of luck with your decisions everybody! Totally relate to the stress some of y'all might be going thru but it will be fine! Hugs.
  8. I've been a lil anxious tonight. Not exactly sure why--I had a scary health incident last week but physically I am now feeling better than ever.
  9. I was going to have a date today but the guy cancelled last minute lol. I was excited, I don't get much love on Tinder lol.
  10. Yup, still around lol. How you've been at Penn? The program has been good, but intense at times. It's funny that I liked the fact that it was in a city but truly I have little time to explore the city anyway...oh well. But my neighborhood is really nice and the school too. Hope you guys do well this exam season! Happy to see you here again too @madamoiselle !
  11. I don't wanna be mean to this guy who is into me but I seriously need to tell him that us hanging out doesn't mean we'll become more than friends.
  12. Guys I'm also available for any questions you might have! Should be writing a paper now but whatever. Also I believe WashU is not taking anybody next year and that's a bummer. Was looking forward to not being the newbie anymore lol.
  13. I went on a date with a guy and he's cute and has a good heart. Not sure if it'll work out but for right now, I like him. I'm afraid of falling in love though.
  14. Oh no, I swear this was in page 100. Someone deleted their posts ? Anyway so the first week went okay I guess. I'm bad at talking to people but I seem to get along with some students. Le sigh. Nothing good came out of the bolded. Be safe everybody.
  15. So I moved and I am happy of course but the first few days are tough because I am lonely in a mostly empty apartment. I hooked up with a guy last night too and it was awful lol. Why am I such an awkward person? Page 100 of grown ups complaining about their lives. Yayyy!
  16. Moving on Tuesday and I haven't packed yet lol. I wanna take with me all my books, but space is so limited. Mainly because I am taking my mattress with me (yay for not sleeping on the floor of an empty, unfurnished apartment.)
  17. My dad is so annoying, I've never really gotten along with him.
  18. At 23 you think you've seen all mammals on Earth on TV and zoos and yet I have just found out about this animal called a civet. It looks like a weasel or raccoon with a long body and leopard spots. I'm so happy...apparently there's much to be found out about the world yet for me.
  19. Ugh, I have been gaining weight lately and it SUCKS. I know when I move I'll get it together and eat healthy, at home it's kind of...not possible. And during summer it's so hot I don't even feel like jogging or walking, the South is just that gross and humid at this time of the year.
  20. 2 last days of this hellish job, whew. It taught me so much honestly. I met many people whose life stories were quite sad. I don't like capitalism and the way it deteriorates people's lives.
  21. My brother came out as bi. I love him and support him especially cause I'm gay myself but I am so so worried about my parents finding out (about both of us really lol). My dad....sigh....
  22. Thank you guys! It seems like it varies a lot. I emailed a current student and he told me they pay them monthly, which is a relief. I can afford September rent yay!
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