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Environmental Engineering PhD


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Hey everyone,

Has anyone heard from the Berkeley, MIT, or Columbia Environmental Engineering PhD programs yet? Nothing on Results Search so far....waiting is sooooo painful :)

Nope....painful wait though... i had a reject from Princeton today..

Any news about CMU??

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anyone hear from columbia??

Nope. I called the Graduate Student Office and I was told that a decision had not yet been passed to them from the department.

I called Berkeley and I was told that I should receive an answer by the end of March. I'm thinking of just emailing the professor I want to work with to see if they have accepted me into their group...

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Has anyone heard from Berkeley about PhD admits yet?

I've seen masters decisions on the results page, but no PhD decisions. I am beginning to wonder if they are even making decisions and whether it is worth it to try to withdraw my application. After that bizarre, non-sensical e-mail about not having the money to pay staff to deal with transcripts, do they just not have it together enough to give out decisions? I heard from every other school several weeks ago or more :/ Is it normal to send out decisions when its too late to plan a visit? Will they even be able to reimburse travel costs for visits anyway?

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