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Difference in SOP for Masters and PhD

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I am applying to both PhD and Masters program, I am quite certain of what I want to include in my PhD SOPs(Research interests, potential supervisors). However, I am not sure of what shall I include in my Masters SOPs apart from basic things like relevant work experience, relevant education and motivation to study the program.

Would anyone be kind enough to mention the difference in what do Admission committees look for in SOPs of PhD applicants and what specific things they look for in SOPs in Masters applicants.

In addition, I would like to know if there are any differences in Europe and US, in terms of what Admission committees like to see in applicants' SOPs

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Questions you should be asking to help you understand difference between MA and PhD SoP:

  • Why do you want a PhD/MA? 
  • What are you career goals?
  • What are the teaching goals of the programs you are interested in? (go to their websites and read what they offer for MA students and then ask yourself how that fits with your career goals)
  • How prepared are you? The MA and PhD prime difference is the research intensity, though coursework can be very similar. How prepared are you to conduct independent research? I don't know what discipline you are referring to, but if you were in history I'd ask: Do you know your sources/archives? Do you know the major trends/Are you capable of learning them? etc.

For differences between the US and Europe, I strongly suggest you go to the programs websites. The MA and PhD varies there too, and it also varies from country to country. You need to do your research on that so that you tailor your SoP accordingly. 

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