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Material Science program Rank by Universities


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As a former MatSci at a higher ranked institution, I can lend my opinion on the rankings at least. Don't use them as too strong of a guide for grad school. The departments can vary wildly depending on what type of matsci you want to embroil yourself in. For example, Northwestern, despite being #7 in QS and #2 in US News, is a terrible place to learn biomaterials or conduct related research. They are exceptional in many other categories like metallurgy. You should try and find out which programs better fit your interests within the general rankings. At the end of the day, grad school pedigree is nice, but if you're looking for a PhD... I'd worry more about fit than program rank. If a master's, then try to find the best $$ deal within the top 20-25 schools.

MSE US News rankings here

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