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  1. this is so me today. I am proctoring a state exam and have been refreshing my emails often when time permits.
  2. I like that growth mindset! #PositiveVibes
  3. Good luck to everyone tomorrow! Hope we all hear tomorrow or very soon!
  4. I hope!! Fingers crossed we are both awarded and meet each other at PDO!!!
  5. I hope its not a rumor! I want to find out now. The wait is killing me. I have so many dreams about what I would do with my grant.
  6. Indeed, this forum is very supportive of each other and i have yet to hear anything that puts anyone down. As a former applicant to medical school, the medical school forum is very different. A lot less supporting in my personal opinion
  7. for real!!! im waiting for Indonesia...last year they notified on the 22nd so i was being extra hopeful today still have some time left tho
  8. just wanted to say I applaud you all for your intentions in your grant to assist with refugee populations. As a teacher in an underserved community, I work with refugee and undocumented students everyday. Hearing their stories--and theyre journey--to the U.S. is heartbreaking. They have a special place in my heart for all the bs they have to go through. Thank you all <3
  11. Here's hoping more people found out tomorrow and later this week! Good luck everyone!
  12. Ok do you know how much we are given daily? Thanks!
  13. Congratulations!!!
  14. quick question: are we given a certain number of up votes? I cant seem to find this information anywhere. thanks!
  15. Congrats!!!