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  1. Hi everyone, I received a Fulbright ETA grant to teach in Indonesia for the upcoming school year. I would be more than happy to answer any questions or help you out in your essays! Good Luck!
  2. Good question because I wouldnt mind going to my nation (Indonesia) a week earlier to explore!
  3. Congrats on being name Alternate! This is a huge achievement in itself. I have faith and hope that youll be a finalist!
  4. Wow! This is really cool and neat for Brazil to do this.
  5. Did anyone receive notice about PDO? Are we supposed to book our own flights to DC?
  6. From the website, it looks like Nepal has a host commission country. Indonesia contacted me three days later with all required documents for me to sign. Try emailing them
  7. I am still checking and hoping you get it!! YOU GOT THIS!!
  8. congrats dude!!!
  9. Just wanted to hear from you all: Are you guys posting on FB/Twitter/IG/any social media that you have received a Fulbright? Or is this something that you can not reveal? I could have sworn I read somewhere years back that you shouldnt reveal it on social media (maybe im dreaming)...ive been keeping it on the low and have told only select people. What are yall's thoughts?
  10. Good luck to everyone today!!
  11. Good luck! I hope you get it! Which nation are you waiting to hear back from?
  13. this is so me today. I am proctoring a state exam and have been refreshing my emails often when time permits.
  14. I like that growth mindset! #PositiveVibes
  15. Good luck to everyone tomorrow! Hope we all hear tomorrow or very soon!