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  1. Go you! Was it a fellowship? I am international so pretty much I'm screwed from every angle especially from publicly funded institutions.
  2. UCLA didn't offer a whole lot in $$$ The finalist are Columbia and SAIC. @leekrasner mad props for reaching out to your schools. There's never nothing wrong with asking who, what, when, where, why and how! That's the most important fearless thing that you can do!
  3. IIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!! When you apply into 20,000 kazillion schools and have to make a decision by tomorrow.
  4. Honestly, it's all a matter of opinion. Congratulations; now I am intrigued about your work.
  5. Thank you all for your kind words of support. I am so excited to get to the studio now that this process is all done! @oliveoil @AnniKatt @Dreaminghigh I don't know where I am going yet. I basically asked my recommenders to have coffee with me throughout this week and we are going to weigh the pros against the cons and where is best for my work and practice versus the amount of money I am being offered (I have two full rides hopefully I can use that as leverage). I wanted to go dancing to celebrate being done with interviews on Saturday night while I was in NYC but dang! It was dern cold all I wanted to do was rest. In response to @Causofit Tehehehehe Hunter doesn't offer any funding. "Apparently" according to them they are broke and very cheap so they are unable to award funding. They encourage citizens and Permanent residence- which I am neither of - to apply for FAFSA.
  6. I got into Hunter College. This concludes my MFA applications
  7. The school I go to better be like....
  8. I got the phone call and met with one of the professors from PennDesign for brunch last Sunday but totally forgot about the official letter. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. Thanks Nicole! I am excited for you too! @eyerolling First and foremost I love your username! Thank you. I have no idea yet but there are three programs that are going to have a lip-sync extravaganza. May the best program win. Good luck! and Fuck it up! Thank you!
  10. Awe, that's really sweet of you @Gwhar1 Thank you!
  11. I got into Sam Fox, Washington University in St.Louis, Missouri!
  12. I STRONGLY recommend reading Sharon Louden's new book Artist as Cultural Producer!!!!!! Sharon herself went to SAIC, then to Yale and graduated with more than a 100K in student debt in 91, which would be equivalent of more than 200K today. She managed to pay it off in 10 years. Artist as Cultural Producer is beautifully written and includes stories by 40 artists sharing their way of figuring out this madness of making a sustainable living as an artist. Judging from what @tugbamina_871, @KatieB1987, @dmirko and others are saying you would enjoy reading the book or seeing her on tour with the book. There really isn't a right or wrong, black or white way to be an artist much less making a living as an artist. It is icky and messy and nuanced. #staywoke
  13. You said this quite beautifully. I called a friend of mine yesterday just so that I don't come across as reactionary when I responded to the email and my friend pointed out that maybe she's (Hunter's admin person) an artist doing a shitty office job to make ends meat, that isn't even paying her enough but working her like a donkey. On that note, I totally understood because chances are we've all probably been there. As to whether Hunter is more interesting than Columbia, it is like comparing apples to oranges, all a matter of taste and opinion.
  14. Thank you!
  15. Condragulations you are the winner of this week's maxi-challenge !!!