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    Greek Philosophy, Greek Language and Literature
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  1. I certainly was--I'll send you a private message.
  2. Me too! On both accounts!
  3. Congrats on the interviews! I wonder if we will be in LA at the same time-the classics visit in 22-25 Feb. As I've not had any interviews yet, I'm not sure I've much to add to what others have said; I have indeed feared being drilled on some obscure reference from my dossier, but based on advice I've received, that is pretty irrational. And I am definitely not wearing a suit. I will probably be dressed in nice pants/shoes and a button down. I'm not sure how other interviews work, but it seems that at UCLA classics the whole visit is an interview, rather than there being a specific formal interview. That said, when meeting with potential advisors, I will probably try to spruce up a bit. Cheers to everyone with good news, and good luck to those still waiting!
  4. And my acceptance from Berkeley!!
  5. Just received my rejection from Stanford. At least I wasn't left in suspense too long!
  6. Thanks! I applied to the PhD program in classics.
  7. Just received an email inviting me to visit UCLA Feb 22-25. I am quite excited!
  8. Cheers! Similarly, when I heard from Toronto, I realized I do not need to start looking for a job. It is indeed a wonderful feeling.
  9. As far as Toronto goes: I know that they have sent out initial acceptances, and that their visiting "weekend" is at the end of February. I haven't heard a peep from Berkeley (as a matter of fact, I haven't heard back from any of the California schools) so we are biting our nails together on that one.
  10. Ah! Do you happen to know how they sent out the acceptances?
  11. Hi all! I have just been offered a spot in the PhD program in classics at UofT, and have a question for Torontonians: how much sunlight does the city get in the winter? My wife and I have lived in Michigan (renowned for its dismal, sunless winters) for the entirety of our lives. Besides the general lack of vitamin D and the absence of joy, this tends to bode ill for the multitude of house plants that my wife cherishes. It would be great to hear that we would not run into this problem should we accept the offer...
  12. Thanks all! My wife and I visited Toronto (on holiday) for the first time this past fall, and loved it. have a phone call later with morning with the Graduate Coordinator to discuss the details of the offer. Congrats to @Archaic_Smile on UNC, @ploutarchos on OSU, and @likeavirgil on the interviews! It's good to see this thread booming with good news.
  13. I have received an offer of admission to the PhD program in classics at Toronto. I am absolutely thrilled. I applied to the program with expressed interest in the University's collaborative program in ancient and medieval philosophy.
  14. Congrats! I'm in my fourth year (UG) at UM, so if you have any questions about Ann Arbor or (the philologists in) the department, I'd be happy to chat.
  15. That sounds like good reading. Emily Baragwanath is another scholar to consider, if you haven't yet, in the realm of classics/narratology (though she also incorporates other branches of criticism such as reader response). Her big work involving theory is on Herodotus, but her approach is innovative and quite good. It's cool to hear of another applicant interested in narratology. Perhaps, with some luck, we will get the chance to have this discussion in LA.