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  1. Is anyone deciding between BU and BC??
  2. Great, thank you!
  3. How did you find assistantships to apply to?
  4. Anyone know when we should expect to hear back?
  5. They said the earliest we would hear from BU would be March 15
  6. It took like three days to get to me and I live in newton MA
  7. Has anyone heard from BU who applied to the 2 year program?
  8. I live in the Boston area and there are def more affordable places than that!! Look into Allston and Brighton!
  9. Did you submit the fafsa as well as the BC specific application for financial aid?
  10. Thanks for the info!! Did mine tonight! How do you know it's a two week turnaround?
  11. How did you get them to raise your scholarship? Good luck deciding!! I feel you, I won't hear from one of my schools until march 15!!
  12. Has anyone heard about an interview for the GSSA positions?
  13. Did anyone do their interview yet?
  14. I am! Have you gotten any information about it yet?
  15. Did anyone here apply to BU?