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  1. Has anyone received scholarships yet? I haven't...meh.
  2. Does anyone know how to view their Financial Aid Awards at TC without paying the $300 deposit?
  3. What is the Atlanta school? I'm a native and can give you some insight!
  4. I was accepted too, but in that same boat!! Following this thread bc hopefully someone will know!
  5. Joining the rant because I'm also going insane!! TC is a dream for me. Through my stalking, I found out their school was closed due to inclement weather this week, so maybe that pushed them back!
  6. I noticed on your signature, you said you were expecting rejections from all 3 since you didnt get an interview, but TC doesn't interview for speech-pathology! You still have a chance Im waiting on them too, Good Luck!
  7. Thank you! Last year, some people found out today! It looks like the campus was closed for a snow storm, so that may've delayed things. Reaalllllly hope to hear back soon. This school's a dream
  8. Hey guys, Has anyone heard when decisions from TC will be released?