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  1. Could someone post the link to the grad cafe thread discussing GSPIA v. NPSIA? I was leaning toward NPSIA, but my funding there is associated with a TAship while my Ottawa funding is not. Not sure if I'll be able to turn down the prospect of not having to work to pay for school.
  2. Good to know, thanks Hopeful2017!
  3. When getting offers from GSPIA, did funding come in two rounds? My offer has an admissions scholarship and says that word of a merit scholarship will come soon - also haven't received any formal notice by email yet, this is just in the uoZone portal. Anyone else have the same thing happen, and did you hear back with a better offer?
  4. That is good to hear... I am so exasperated! I want to say screw it and go for NPSIA, especially since most people seem to be getting less funding from GSPIA, but @Hopeful2017 you have inspired me to wait with the additional funding you got
  5. Has anyone else still not heard from GSPIA? I had the Incomplete file listing for a while and ended up emailing and sending them electronic copies of my files. I am getting very impatient
  6. What are people thinking re: NPSIA and thesis/research paper/coursework options? I would really rather not write another thesis - is the coursework option considered lesser in any sense or is it merely designed for those less interested in pursuing academia?
  7. Let us know how it goes! I'm almost definitely turning down my Munk offer because of finances but still keen to know the possibility of getting funding increased. Any idea when we would hear back about TAships if we have to apply for them?
  8. It was in a separate pdf attached to the acceptance email
  9. It's pretty common, at least for other programs, from what I hear from profs and peers applying to other programs. Not sure how it would fly in this case since it's more of a professional program.
  10. Lurker here: also received a Munk application with 5K in funding - hard to compare that to 22.5 from NPSIA, especially considering the difference in living costs and tuition. Still waiting on GSPIA since, like many of you, they have fucked my application. Is anyone planning on trying to play the different schools against each other to try and get more funding?