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  1. Rejected as well. I only applied to two schools and this concludes my cycle. I'll be back on the site next year. Best of luck to everyone!!
  2. Hey JoJoKitty, did you hear anything from Yale or did you assume they'd rejected you? I'm asking everyone because I don't want to be "that student" that calls but it's getting late in the game. Even if they're holding off on rejections to let the original offers decide, it'd be cool if we knew something.
  3. That's one way to look at it. However, if Harvard was nice enough to kindly "regret to inform" us then I am sure Yale send correspondence - good or bad - as well.
  4. Cool. I heard they made all of the offers but I didn't know that denials were already sent. It appears that the notifications went out during the first week of March last year.
  5. Did you conclude from the "insiders list" that you were rejected from Yale?
  6. So Yale is either going to ruin everyone's weekend or damping our week; unless someone is accepted. Lol Are we just waiting on U Chicago and Yale now?
  7. Does anyone have any waiting strategies to disrupt the anxiety of checking GradCafe and University websites every hour??!?!?!
  8. Hello Olive, I don't know you but I want to simply tell you to NEVER give up on your dreams. If your dream is to be a trained sociologist studying and writing on gender (just an example), GO FOR IT. Of course, we desire admissions into a top 20 program but it doesn't always happen. However, during my research, I have noticed that a number of top professors in different sub-fields did not come from "top schools." It's my assumption that their passion and quality performance landed them in tenured positions at top tier schools. If you are not admitted this year, no worries. I have a really good friend that applied to PhD programs three years in a row and got into his top choice plus a Fulbright on the last try. Here's the kick, he meet his future professor on a park bench during a conference. She then advocated for his application, and no he is in his last year at an Ivy with groundbreaking publications. It's often at the point that we're about to give up, that we're closest to reaching our goals. I am in a similar position. I didn't cast a wide net because I jumped in the cycle VERY LATE and I don't foresee acceptance but who knows. I was always told to BE UNDENIABLE. 1. Try to get a publication. 2. Strengthen your GRE scores. 3. Get personable yet strong recommendation letter. At the end of the day, do a bit of soul searching and figure out why you're in the game because if you're in it for the right reason, NOTHING should deter you from reaching your goal. Best Wishes.
  9. Best of Luck To The Admits at Harvard. #Rejected.
  10. I haven't received any bites from the two programs but I wish I had time to apply to at least eight. I agree my GRE scores SUCK. I am hoping my grades and overall research interest and background can support the application. I once heard that departments often have their hands tied by the graduate schools with minimum GRE requirements. It does suck but next year, I hope to add a publication and stronger GRE to the mix of things. Only God knows the answer at this time.
  11. Just a side conversation: I know we're all anticipating responses from different schools, however, for those that have received an acceptance letter would you mind sharing your background? U.G. Type - Small Liberal Arts Program Graduate Type - In The Field GRE Scores - and Research Background/Publications if any. Also, if you reached out to a professor. I am just curious at the range of acceptances at different schools.
  12. Harvard is closed for Observance but Yale is not . I checked the school's academic calendars.
  13. I am also interested in knowing if the Harvard rejection for the joint program is the same person as the one for sociology. I also saw an acceptance from Yale on yesterday with an e-mail from the DGS anyone want to claim that one?
  14. Did Yale send out all of the offers? I saw the one post and the other about the "insiders' list" but I didn't see any denials thus I assume we were still waiting for an official response.
  15. Hello, It's early February but I see some schools have sent decision per the results page. Does anyone know when Yale or Harvard will send out a notice? I heard that Yale conducted interviews last year and maybe this year but hadn't heard much else. Just curious. I know the programs accept 5-6 students but Yale has hired two non-traditional faculty members this year that have further interested me. Please ignore post.