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  1. I haven't received any bites from the two programs but I wish I had time to apply to at least eight. I agree my GRE scores SUCK. I am hoping my grades and overall research interest and background can support the application. I once heard that departments often have their hands tied by the graduate schools with minimum GRE requirements. It does suck but next year, I hope to add a publication and stronger GRE to the mix of things. Only God knows the answer at this time.
  2. I applied to Tier 1 ONLY (this was a mainly due to deadlines). I have a BS in Public Policy and Masters in City Planning and another MA in Sociology. My GRE scores were V150/Q151/W4.0 (I took the test 5 years ago after preparing for the former exam and testing on the new format). I should have retaken it this year but I just tossed my hat in the ring at the last minute honestly. I have a decent thesis, multiple conference presentations from undergrad, and a few years of work experience which may balance me out. I didn't reach out to any professors. However, I contacted the graduate office and spoke with two or three students from one program because I have a few friends studying there. The confusing thing is that the application ask if you communicated with anyone but it appears that it's frowned upon so I didn't want to schmooze especially with my scores. BUT my research background PERFECTLY aligns with a few profs and this alone made former colleagues of mine recommend the program. While I am not expecting a favorable outcome (at that level) I'll at least know what to look for in future admission cycles.
  3. Just a side conversation: I know we're all anticipating responses from different schools, however, for those that have received an acceptance letter would you mind sharing your background? U.G. Type - Small Liberal Arts Program Graduate Type - In The Field GRE Scores - and Research Background/Publications if any. Also, if you reached out to a professor. I am just curious at the range of acceptances at different schools.
  4. Harvard is closed for Observance but Yale is not . I checked the school's academic calendars.
  5. I am also interested in knowing if the Harvard rejection for the joint program is the same person as the one for sociology. I also saw an acceptance from Yale on yesterday with an e-mail from the DGS anyone want to claim that one?
  6. Did Yale send out all of the offers? I saw the one post and the other about the "insiders' list" but I didn't see any denials thus I assume we were still waiting for an official response.
  7. Hello, It's early February but I see some schools have sent decision per the results page. Does anyone know when Yale or Harvard will send out a notice? I heard that Yale conducted interviews last year and maybe this year but hadn't heard much else. Just curious. I know the programs accept 5-6 students but Yale has hired two non-traditional faculty members this year that have further interested me. Please ignore post.
  8. Thanks Max! As time gets closer, I have decided to shape every document towards Yale and less so on other programs. I am keenly interested in working with Ron Eyerman due to his specific interest. Can you expand a bit further on the interview process? I heard this is a component of the application; however, I was not sure if it were true or not. Again, Thanks! BTW, this thread is a strangely quite this year are there other threads out there?
  9. Hello, I am glad to know that a thread already exist. I am applying to programs for FA 17 as well. I completed my MA in sociology and social anthropology. I am interested in Cultural and Historical Sociology with a specific focus on trauma for my PhD. I am applying to Yale, Columbia, Harvard (Soc and Soc Pol), Berkley, UChicago, and Princeton - I THINK. Lol I am interested in hearing information about reaching out to POIs and students. I have established contact with students one school which has been helpful but I am curious about the process for others. Does anyone know any good places to look for Cultural and Historically based programs? I am looking at educational issues primarily BUT any thoughts are welcome. At any rate, I am glad to see this thread and I hope we all get admitted into our desired programs.
  10. Hello Scholars, I am currently in the midst of an intensive programmatic research between Cornell and UPenn. I would like for someone to assist me with understanding the differences in these particular program dealing specifically Urban Planning or Urban Issues. I know that Cornell is ranked number two currently and has fluctuated between two and seven, however, UPenn seems to have maintained a steady ten while seemly having a strong urban focus. I just recently graduated and I would like to ultimately practice Land Use Law and both of these universities are very interdisciplinary, yet I just can't seem to make up my mind!! I'm not too in love with Philly, but then again I love the city! I'm not too in love with Cornell, but how can you hate serenity! I've been to both schools and spoke with various students yet I haven't received that pull or passion from either school.... I've been accepted into both programs with funding so I'm not that concerned about that, but I would like to know about Job Placement, academic experiences, and or how the name can help me.... Some will say they are both great Ivy League schools who cares... but I want a field answer my friends are no good in this matter!
  11. I NEED YOUR COMMENTS ON THIS MATTER! I know the experts are in here ....... lol
  12. I have contemplated this decision far too long. I have reviewed the schools from a ton of perspective, however, I have not visited UPenn yet, but attempted to gather knowledge from virtual experiences. I have to make a decision and soon! Cornell is cheaper and I have received a decent amount of funding from them. Here is the kicker UPenn offered me a full ride, yet it could be the worst experience of my life there. I know that Cornell is ranked number two and UPenn ten, but ranking only account for so much in my eyes. I'm interested in Land Use and Environmental Policy can someone please, please help me with analyzing these two choices ASAP! I have to decide THIS WEEK...